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1  Arthur H & Nicolas Repac (France) "L'Amour" CD "L'Or d'Eros" (Mystic rumba/Naive)
2  Bituin (Colombia) "El pastor" CD "Entre tu pueblo y mi pueblo" (Matik-matik)
3  The Growlers (USA) "Purgatory drive" CD "Chinese fountain" (Booming boom/Fat cat)
4  Camera (Germany) "Synchron" CD "Remember i was carbon dioxide" (Bureau B)
5  Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle (Switzerland) "Leo Elodie Leoie & Louie" CD "Tino - Frozen angel" (Voodoo Rhythm)
6  Sally Seltmann (Australia) "I will not wear your wedding ring" CD "Hey Daydreamer" (Lojinx)
7  Mission for Christ (USA) "Pennies from hell" CD "The complete sessions" (Ektro)
8  Bixiga 70 (Brazil) "A morte do vaqueiro" CD "Ocupai" (Mais um discos)
9  Stiv Cantarelli & The Silent Strangers (Italy/UK) "Jason hit the city" CD "Banks of the Lea" (Stovepony)
10  Karavan Familia (Hungary) "Asvin" CD "Asvin" (Fono)
11  The Wytches (UK) "Fragile male" CD "Annabel Dream Reader" (Heavenly)
12  Lia Ices (USA) "Sweet as ice" CD "Ices" (Jagjaguwar)
13  Alexis Taylor (UK) "From the halfway line" CD "Await barbarians" (Domino)
14  The burning of Rome (USA) "Terrible tales from Tocqueville" CD "Year of the Ox" (Surfdog)
15  Claudio Chianura (Italy) "Daniel and me at Captain Kidd's" CD "Electric monkey" (Auditorium)