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1  Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (USA) "So far and here we are" CD "Singer's grave - a sea of tongues" (Domino)
2  Honeyblood (UK) "(I'd rather be) Anywhere but here" CD "Honeyblood" (Fat Cat)
3  Oumar Konate (Mali) "Bisimillah" CD "Addoh" (Clermont)
4  Circle (Finland) "Mustaa kulta" CD "Manner" (Ektro)
5  Circle (Finland) "Lintu Joe" CD "Manner" (Ektro)
6  Rodrigo Leao feat. Beth Gibbons (Portugal/UK) "Lonely carousel" CD "Songs (2004-2012)" (Glitterhouse)
7  Rodrigo Leao feat. Scott Matthew (Portugal/Australia) "Terrible dawn" CD "Songs (2004-2012)" (Glitterhouse)
8  Muck & The Mires (USA) "Whenever she's around" CD "Dial 'M' for Muck" (Dirty Water)
9  Sibil (Turkey/Armenia) "Siro garod" CD "Ser" (Ossi)
10  Pink Mountaintops (Canada) "The second Summer of love" CD "Get back" (Jagjaguwar)
11  The Limiñanas (France) "My Black Sabbath" CD "Costa Blanca" (Trouble in Mind)
12  The Limiñanas (France) "La Mercedes Benz de couleur gris metallisee" CD "Costa Blanca" (Trouble in Mind)
13  The Blue Angel lounge (Germany) "Winter" CD "A sea of trees" ('A')
14  Amsterdam Klezmer band (Holland) "Kigyo" CD "Blitzmash" (Vetnasj)
15  My Brightest Diamond (USA) "Before the words" CD "This is my hand" (Asthmatic Kitty)
16  Martin Creed (UK) "If you're lonely" CD "Mind trap" (Telephone)