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1  Esben & The Witch (UK) "Dig your fingers in" CD "A new nature" (Nostromo)
2  The Pokes (Germany) "Yesterdayman" CD "Mayday" (Tollshock)
3  OY (Switzerland) "No, I don't snore" CD "No Problem Saloon" (Crammed)
4  Dirtmusic (Australia/USA) "Blind City" CD "Lion City" (Glitterhouse)
5  Flowers (UK) "I love you" CD "Do what you want to, it's what you should do" (Fortuna pop!)
6  Erotic Market (France) "It's a breaking" CD "Blahblahrians" (Jarring Effects)
7  Hamilton Leithauser (USA) "5 AM" CD "Black hours" (Ribbon Music)
8  Puhti (Finland) "Jumala rankaisee" CD "Pahan laulu" (Kihtinjärvi)
9  Teho Teardo (Italy) "Echo's bale" CD "Music, film. Music" (Specula)
10  Zammuto (USA) "Henry Lee" CD "Anchor" (Temporary residence)
11  Zammuto (USA) "Don't be a tool" CD "Anchor" (Temporary residence)
12  Laura Vane & The Viper Tones (UK/Holland) "Pictures" CD "Bodyquake" (Unique)
13  Owen Pallett (Canada) "The Riverbed" CD "In conflict" (Domino)
14  Alcalica (Greece/Germany) "Crumbling" CD "YDOP" (Photovoltaic)
15  Yvette (USA) "Mirrored walls" CD "Process" (Tough love)