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1  Mutoid Man (USA) "Reptilian soul" CD "Bleeder" (Sargent House)
2  Monsieur Doumani (Cyprus) "That's what the kitten wants" CD "Sikoses" (Artist release)
3  Mus.Hiba (Japan) "Slow snow" CD "White girl" (Noble)
4  Blundetto (France) "Matanza" CD "World of Blundetto" (Heavenly Sweetness)
5  La Jose (Spain) "Dale a la Madera" CD "Espiral" (ARC)
6  My Disco (Australia) "1991" CD "Severe" (Stomp)
7  Mammoth Penguins (UK) "Chewing gum" CD "Hide & Seek" (Fortuna POP!)
8  Jiri Pavlica & Hradištan (Czech Rep.) "Když ona hrozny trhala" CD "Vteriny krehke" (Indies Scope)
9  Esa Shields (UK) "Lost time" CD "Ovum caper" (Gagarin)
10  Adrian Younge feat. Loren Oden (USA) "Turn down the sound" CD "Los Angeles" (Linear Labs)
11  Adrian Younge feat. Toni Scruggs (USA) "Chicago wind" CD "Los Angeles" (Linear Labs)
12  Public Image Ltd (UK) "Betty Page" CD "What the world needs now..." (PIL Official)
13  Lila Blue (USA) "Just for the day" CD "Lucille" (Artist release)
14  Manyfingers (UK) "From madam Hilda Soarez" CD "The spectacular nowhere" (Ici d'ailleurs)
15  Labfield (Sweden/Norway/Italy) "Intensive course in bad manners" CD "Bucket of songs" (Hubro)