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1  Villagers (Ireland) "Everything I am is yours" CD "Where have you been all my life?" (Domino)
2  Sylvain Chauveau & Ensemble Nocturne (France) "In your room " CD "Down to the bone" (Ici d'ailleurs)
3  Lower Dens (USA) "Your heart still beating " CD "Escape from evil" (Ribbon Music)
4  Gintas K (Lithuania ) "Love is love 7" CD "Message in a bottle" (A.R.)
5  Pere Ubu (USA/UK) "Track 2" CD "The Pere Ubu Moon Unit" (Fire)
6  Gagarin (UK) "Ammil" CD "Aoticp" (Geo)
7  Rocket From The Tombs (USA) "Waiting for the snow" CD "Black record" (Fire)
8  Rocket From The Tombs (USA) "Sonic reducer" CD "Black record" (Fire)
9  September Girls (Ireland) "Jaw on the floor" CD "Age of indignation" (Fortuna Pop!)
10  September Girls (Ireland) "Catholic guilt" CD "Age of indignation" (Fortuna Pop!)
11  Scofferlane (Russia) "With no disgrace " CD "Rebellion " (A.R.)
12  Scofferlane (Russia) "Killing spree " CD "Rebellion " (A.R.)
13  Dralms (Canada) "Pillars and Pyre" CD "Shook" (Full Time Hobby)
14  Dralms (Canada) "Shook" CD "Shook" (Full Time Hobby)