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1  The Last Shadow Puppets (UK) "Aviation" CD "Everything you've come to expect " (Domino)
2  ... (...) "Dracula teeth" CD "..." (...)
3  Samaris (Iceland) "Wanted 2 say" CD "Black lights" (One Little Indian)
4  Jherek Bischoff (USA) "Closer to closure" CD "Cistern" (Leaf)
5  Hookworms (UK) "Medecine cabinet" CD "Hookworms" (Gringo/Faux Discs)
6  Glintshake (Russia) "Dark ass" CD "Eyebones" (A.R.)
7  Spaceheads (UK) "Spooky action (at a distance)" CD "Trip to the Moon" (Electric Brass)
8  Spookyland (Australia) "Nowhereland" CD "Beauty already beautiful" (PIAS)
9  Gabby Young & Other Animals (UK) "Sur la Lune (...a French ditty)" CD "One foot in front of the other " (Gift of the Gab)
10  ... (...) "The Devil has moved in" CD "..." (...)
11  Denis The Night & The Panic Party (Italy/UK) "Androgynous love" CD "Cosmic youth" (Wall of Sound)
12  Konx-Om-Pax (UK) "Beatrice's visit " CD "Caramel" (Planet Mu)