сообщить о технической проблеме/неисправности


1  Fews (Sweden) "The Zoo" CD "Means" (PIAS)
2  Xenia Rubinos (USA) "Laugh clown" CD "Black Terry Cat" (Anti-)
3  Dmitry Evgrafov (Russia) "Cries & Whispers" CD "Collage" (130701/Fat Cat)
4  Xylaroo (UK) "Track a-lackin'" CD "Sweetooth" (Sunday Best)
5  ... (...) "River of love" CD "..." (...)
6  Mira, Un Lobo! (Portugal) "Tramadol" CD "Heart beats slow" (Tapete)
7  Mona De Bo (Latvia) "Traks" CD "Isteniba" (I Love You)
8  Black Mountain (Canada) "Constellations" CD "IV" (Jagjaguwar)
9  ... (...) "Florian saucer attack" CD "..." (...)
10  Blood Orange (UK) "Augustine" CD "Freetown Sound" (Domino)
11  Emily Jane White (USA) "Frozen garden" CD "They moved in shadow all together" (Talitres )
12  Wolfhounds (UK) "The stupid poor" CD "United Kingdom (...Or how to come to terms with your culture)" (Oddbox)
13  DVA (UK) "Almost U" CD "Notu URONLINEU" (Hyperdub)