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1  DIIV (USA) "Blue boredom" CD "Is the is are" (Captured Tracks)
2  White Lung (Canada) "Narcoleptic" CD "Paradise" (Domino)
3  The Excellos (UK) "I believe" CD "Rise Up" (Stag-o-Lee)
4  Venetian Snares (Canada) "Everything about you is special" CD "Traditional synthesizer music" (Timesig/Planet Mu)
5  Marlon Williams (New Zealand) "I'm lost without you" CD "Marlon Williams" (Caroline)
6  Christine & The Queens (France) "Saint Claude" CD "Chaleur Humaine" (Because)
7  Half Japanese (USA) "We cannot miss" CD "Perfect" (Joyful Noise)
8  ... (...) "You and I" CD "..." (...)
9  The Monochrome Set (UK) "Iceman" CD "Spaces Everywhere" (Tapete )
10  ... (...) "The Z train" CD "..." (...)
11  B4 (Czechia) "Die Mitternachtsmaus" CD "Die Mitternachtsmaus" (Rekommando)
12  Pinkwash (USA) "No real witness" CD "Collective sigh" (Don Giovanni)
13  J.G.Biberkopf (Lithuania) "From infinity to here" CD "Ecologies II: Ecosystems of excess" (Knives/Planet Mu)