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1  I Monster (UK) "The fantastic tale of dr Moog and the birth of the shimmering beast" CD "Bright Sparks" (Twins of Evil)
2  ... (...) "The Bradley brothers realize the transmutation of the Chamberlin to the Mellotron" CD "..." (...)
3  ... (...) "Allan R Pearlman and the ARPeological exploration of the Cosmos" CD "..." (...)
4  Dez Mona (Belgium) "Sister" CD "Live" (Majestic/62 TV)
5  ... (...) "Get out of here" CD "..." (...)
6  The Phantoms (USA) "Stab my broken heart" CD "The Phantoms" (Rum Bar)
7  Spaceheads (UK/Switzerland ) "Quantum Shuffle" CD "Laughing water" (Electric Brass)
8  Josephine Foster (USA) "My dove, my beautiful one" CD "No more lamps in the morning" (Fire)
9  Wild Palms (UK) "100 cymbals" CD "Live together, eat each other" (One Little Indian)
10  Los Pirañas (Colombia) "Lambada de Oceania, Africa y America" CD "Toma tu jabon kapax" (Festina Lente)
11  ... (...) "Vuestro bohio " CD "..." (...)
12  Golden Fable (UK) "Southern climes" CD "Ancient Blue" (Full of Joy)