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1  Riley Walker (USA) "A choir apart" CD "Golden sings that have been sung" (Dead Oceans)
2  Douglas Firs (Belgium) "Can you tell her I said Hi?" CD "The long answer is No" (Excelsior)
3  Jacaszek (Poland) "Daffodils" CD "Kwiaty " (Ghostly International)
4  Virginia Wing (UK) "Local loop" CD "Forward constant motion" (Fire)
5  Klaus Johan Grobe (Switzerland ) "Wo sind" CD "Spagat der Liebe" (Trouble in Mind)
6  ... (...) "Springen wie Damals" CD "..." (...)
7  Melanie Pain (France ) "Dans une boîte" CD "Parachute" (Kwaidan)
8  ... (...) "Rio" CD "..." (...)
9  Lost Under Heaven (UK) "Here our moment ends" CD "Spiritual songs for lovers to sing" (Mute)
10  Hannah Cohen (USA) "Queen of ice" CD "Pleasure Boy" (Bella Union)
11  ... (...) "Just take the rest" CD "..." (...)
12  Chain & The Gang (USA) "What are you in here for?" CD "Minimum Rock n Roll" (Fortuna POP!)
13  ... (...) "Never been properly loved" CD "..." (...)
14  This Becomes Us (UK) "Songs in my mind" CD "This Becomes Us" (Prescriptions)