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1  yeah yeah yeahs (usa) "sacrilege" CD "mosquito" (interscope)
2  ned collette & wirewalker (australia) "how to change a city" CD "2" (dot dash)
3  dirty beaches (canada) "good bye edmonton" CD "water park ost" (a recordings)
4  faela! (argentina/bosnia/chile/sweden) "y tu que miras?" CD "conmigo" (flowfish)
5  robots don't sleep (germany) "people are strange" CD "death star droid" (44 flavours)
6  the kik (holland) "cleopatra" CD "springlevend" (excelsior)
7  the kik (holland) "luchtballon" CD "springlevend" (excelsior)
8  buddy morrow & his spooky friends (usa) "the fall of the house of usher" CD "poe for moderns: music to scare your neighbours" (fingertips)
9  black bug (sweden/france) "police helicopter" CD "reflecting the light" (hozac)
10  the toure-reichel project (mali/israel) "alkataou" CD "the tel aviv session" (cumbancha)
11  dead fingers (usa) "please don't let me go" CD "dead fingers" (big legal mess)
12  clockwork orchestra (ireland) "strawberrys & blueberries" CD "friends without names" (white label music)
13  hk 119 (finland) "snowblind" CD "imaginature" (one little indian)
14  dead western (usa) "collapse" CD "everything, eternally" (discorporate)
15  dj guga de castro (brazil) "compositor da rale" CD "dj guga de castro y su iracema hot sound" (artist release)
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