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1  Bear in heaven (USA) "World of freakout" CD "I love you, it's cool" (Dead oceans)
2  Burma orchestra Saing waing (Myanmar) "I want you" CD "From another world: a tribute to Bob Dylan" (Buda)
3  The boom boom booms (UK) "Eat you up and spit you out" CD "The boom boom booms" (Wreckerds)
4  Soraia Drummond (Brazil) "Sorriso forte na luta" CD "Daora: underground sounds of urban brazil" (Mais um discos)
5  Doncesao (Brazil) "Obrigahh" CD "Daora: underground sounds of urban brazil" (Mais um discos)
6  Dead Combo (Portugal) "Cowboy's cure for Jah" CD "Lisboa mulata" (Dead & co)
7  Sarah Blasko (Australia) "An arrow" CD "I awake" (Dew process)
8  Sarah Blasko (Australia) "Not yet" CD "I awake" (Dew process)
9  Cemeteries (USA) "In the trees" CD "Wilderness" (Lofse)
10  Lycoriscoris (Japan) "Oar" CD "From beyond the horizon" (Moph)
11  About Group (UK) "Walk on by" CD "Between the walls" (Domino)
12  Invisible system/Mimi's Azmari band (UK/Ethiopia) "Tibs" CD "Tiga tei tibs" (Harper Diabate)
13  The music tapes (USA) "S'alive to be known (may we starve)" CD "Mary's voice" (Merge)
14  Serge Gainsbourg (France) "Le physique et le figure" CD "Cosmic machine" (Because)
15  Alain Goraguer (France) "Le bracelet" CD "Cosmic machine" (Because)
16  Rockets (France) "Rocket man (instrumental)" CD "Cosmic machine" (Because)
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