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1  Willis Earl Beal (USA) "Ain't got no love" CD "Nobody knows" (Hot charity)
2  G'ny (Guadeloupe/France) "Zye ki lach" CD "Libete" (Lusafrica)
3  Aloa input (Germany) "Rubbish" CD "Anysome" (Morr music)
4  Wimple winch (UK) "Atmospheres" CD "Tales from the sinking ship" (Bam Caruso/RPM)
5  Diva (USA) "Cyborg sweetie" CD "Moon moods" (Critical heights)
6  Bloco explosao (Brazil/Germany) "Pata pata" CD "Plus friends & band" (Twonineteen)
7  Jessy Lanza (Canada) "Kathy Lee" CD "Pull my hair back" (Hyperdub)
8  Co La (USA) "Make it slay" CD "Moody cup" (Kemado)
9  Filthy boy (UK) "In the name of" CD "Smile that won't go down" (Stranger)
10  Filthy boy (UK) "Charm of the dangerous minx" CD "Smile that won't go down" (Stranger)
11  Raoul Sinier (France) "A million years" CD "Welcome to my orphanage" (Good citizen factory)
12  Kayah (Poland) "Muszlo moja" CD "Transoriental orchestra" (Kayak)
13  Celestial shore (USA) "Valerie" CD "10x" (Hometapes)
14  Georgia's horse (USA) "Six" CD "Weather codes" (Fire)
15  Vibravoid (Germany/Italy) "The empty sky" CD "Delirio dei sensi" (Stoned karma)